life well-travelled is a life worth living, some people might say.

“Travelling” has been very popular and so ingrained in our society that it has become one of the basic needs. Some might audaciously (or foolishly?) say that they would be fine to have nothing as long as they can go travelling around the world (Honestly, I might jump into this boat at some point!). But is it really because we genuinely had grown an interest in getting to know and being in new places, or is it just an over-hyped trend in the age where every little thing we do might be displayed in the virtual world, seen and judged by the strangers on the other side of the world? Is taking a selfie in front of Colosseum a form of happiness and gratitude for being able to see this magnificent legacy in real or is it simply another self-centered act to show off to other people? When you take a hit-and-run photos in these historical spots, what purpose does it serve?

What is the meaning of the 2500-year-old Parthenon to you? What is left now is rows of gigantic marble pillars soaring proudly towards the sky, never tired of reminding the onlookers of their magnificence. 

Did you stop breathing for a second as you were gazing throughout the ruins of Acropolis? Or were you just looking for another Instagram-worthy selfie spot?