The not so normal “new normal”

umans are a bunch of resilient creatures. We are agile, despite the odds and hardships.

We are now already in the third quarter of the year, almost half a year since the outbreak that changed literally everything. It stopped the world from doing whatever it was doing. It changed the course of life of billions of people. For some, it gave them a chance to re-think, revisit their plans and life. For others, it was the beginning of a long suffering and from there it was just a matter of survival. For the visionary and the tactical, there is an opportunity from which they can profit.

What is there to do then? Are we subconsciously sheep that will meekly follow? Do this, don’t do that. Accept this, don’t listen to that. Which one is correct? Who is being honest? Who is being opportunistic? Perhaps there is a pattern invisible to the naked eye. Or is it just a paranoid thought?

For the critical and the rebels, it is not acceptable. Is covering our mouth simply just an act to stop the little beasties from spreading? Or does it signify the attempt to silence us and to subconsciously herd us somewhere?

For the ignorant, it is not acceptable. Simply because it is too much hassle and they just do not have the ability the comprehend it all. It just doesn’t seem real for them.

For the followers and fearful ones, it is something to be done wholeheartedly. “Support and follow the order for everyone’s sake. Don’t be an idiot,” they said. Suddenly there is a growing interest in how to kill all those beasties no matter what. Spray, spray, spray. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Unaware that a nano-sized part of it may be inhaled and travel further in them, in their bloodstream, and stay there for a very long time. Who’s the idiot now?

Yes, the old saying about acceptance and moving on is true. One needs to accept when there is nothing else to do. But some things are just not worth accepting.


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