Sympathy for The Devil?

I recently got caught in a loop.. the Lucifer loop to be more exact. When I first saw the poster last year, I thought it was just another typical TV show I wouldn’t lose my sleep over. So I skipped it and moved on.

Then the second wave hit my city last July. Yes, that second wave of the bloody COVID-19! All places were closed and we were (kind of) forced to go back to working from home mode. So that one night I finally decided to click ‘Play’ in the “Pilot” episode… and I got hooked immediately.

The story of the Devil has always been the one that draws attention and sparks the most interesting reactions from its audience. This one, albeit obviously inspired from the fictional DC’s Lucifer, once sparked the rage of an online activist group claiming ‘to fight indecency in the media’. 

But what is indecency? Is it simply the blatant display of certain (arguably one of the most attractive) body parts of the actor? Or is it the story of the most vilified character in human history that takes a completely different course from what has been told for millennia?

Whatever the reason was, that sad online group failed, to no one’s surprise. Lucifer has just aired its 6th season, the final season that hopefully will give us the much-needed closure of the Deckerstar adventure.

As per usual, just like Outlander, we (I) of course became curious of the actor who brilliantly presents the Devil to us. In the form of a charismatic, hot, yet childish and chaotic British man in a classy suit and a pair of Louboutin. Some might have an idea of having other actors playing Lucifer, but I really think no one can do it the way Tom does. Oh, and the devil has the voice of an angel, by the way! Every now and then he loves to sing while playing his always-tuned piano. Tom definitely deserves to have an album of his own and I’d love to see his version of “You Raise Me Up”!

Despite some “cringe” dialogues – which I understand are simply to express what the characters are thinking or explain the storyline – ‘Lucifer’ did tickle my inner thoughts. Is there more to find than what we have been taught when we were kids about heaven, hell, the divine, and the afterlife? Is hell and its unending punishment all about fire or being tortured painfully by demons? Is there all there is to it? Don’t we sometimes create our own hell and self-torture with our selfishness, guilt, and pride?

I guess the reason why we get hooked up to this show is simple. Lucifer’s character and his issues are easy to relate to – maybe we even see a bit of ourselves in him. We have questions and doubts about life (or the afterlife), fate, choices we get to make, guilt, unresolved past, self-realization and acceptance. We all watch Lucifer grow (slowly) in every season with all his setbacks (what a freaking dramatic dude!), and it’s all very relatable. What’s important is our willingness to choose the right thing to do.

Like Lucifer once said, it all makes sense, just don’t overthink it!


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