The Shades of Blue and Green

here are times when I’m up to my neck with the hustling J-town. The bright lights and endless motions that sometimes one could barely catch a breath. A tension pressuring the shoulders, overthinking of what may or may not need to be done next.

It was a last minute decision, and an easy one with a few clicks. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sun and white sand between the toes? And so off I went to Tidung islands the next morning. An unbeliveably squeamish odour from the fish market next door and the awful ear-blasting dangdut music from the announcer were way too much for me in any morning! But it was soon forgotten after an hour ride by a speed boat with a few bumps here and there, ending in the endless shades of blue and green.

Bahari Express
A nook by the popular Love Bridge

It was still somewhat raw, you could feel it right away. It was far from perfect, yet it felt natural. No one would give you a five-star service, dust is easily found here and there. It is not a place to enrich your culinary experience, booze is hard to come by, so you just pamper yourself with the best thing the island has to offer, mother nature. The eye-soothing lush greenery and turquoise splashes surrounding you, the sun burning your skin, the long walk to the small island through the bridge over the water. There is nothing to hear but the sound of waves kissing one another, crashing the pillars of the bridge relentlessly. And you just stop there and listen to the voice of the unheard. 

The young and the restless jumpers
Cross the love bridge and try not to get burned... by sun, not love!

Tranquility is what seeps through your skin the moment your foot steps on the sand. Away from the bridge, further down the small island and follow the small path eastward that leads you back to where you begin. It’s where you would want to be at the dawn as the horizon turns from black to fades of orange and yellow. It’s where you need to be to learn what kind of greed and recklessness humans are capable of that made sea turtles have to live in small ponds in the conservation to avoid extinction.

If seeing those centennial creatures still doesn’t wake you up, then perhaps the 13-meter-long sperm whale skeleton will. Mental note: the bigger brain is not necessarily the victorious.

Is there anything better to do in the morning than doing your sun salutation routine as the sun rises slowly in the east, burning the sky and warming your skin? And you wonder if anything else matters and if you are ready to leave. You start contemplating all possibilities, looking for the door, an alternate world to live in. 


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