All Things Must Come to an End. Et tu, Lucifer?

Every story has a beginning and an end. It’s the only thing certain in this uncertain life. So does the story of the Devil. 

The years spent on earth are really a long journey laid out for him to learn and finally understand his true self in this season finale. And from there, a new story and journey begin – for eternity in this case. 

As Tom Ellis said, it is somewhat bittersweet. Lucifer, while having grown out of the shell he had made for himself billions of years ago, still maintains his immature, impulsive traits, and rather slow realization on things. At the end of Season 5B, he went to a war with angels and won the God’s throne. But in the beginning of Season 6, he is stalling and realizes he actually doesn’t want to be God. He just wants to be with Chloe (impulsive much?).

As usual, the Deckerstar has to go through a lot of chaotic, near-death experiences for Lucifer to ‘grow’. He eventually arrives at the realization of his true calling, the purpose of his existence. And to do that, both have to make sacrifices for that greater, bigger thing. Sacrifices that probably most humans will choose not to do. But mind you, they are not a normal couple. One is an angel/former Devil/former God-candidate, the other is… well, a human, a miracle made by the old God and exposed to celestial powers.

Choices.. choices…

It brings up again the eternally enigmatic question: free will or fate? Does free will determine fate? Or what we consider free will is already set in the stone? Lucifer kind of gives the answer at the end: fate is the result of the choices that we make.

So they make their choice. They decide to not change a thing even though they know what the future has for them. To sacrifice their life on earth and pursue the thing they both love and believe is their true calling. Saving lives. In different realms, one saves the mortal bodies, the other saves the souls.

One of the most powerful scenes is probably the one between Lucifer and Mazikeen. Lesley-Ann’s acting is superb and on point. Only by looking into each other’s eyes, Maze knows. She has been his sidekick for millennia, she knows even when he doesn’t say it out loud. The disbelief, grief, and eventually acceptance. 

Partners ‘Til the End

The final episode is actually more like a series of “WTF” moments to me. For a really long time, Lucifer hated the way his father treated him but he has to end up being in that position at some point – being absent in the lives of those he loves, getting misunderstood and hated for that. But it’s all for a reason, a bigger purpose. And so despite the chance to do it differently, he chooses to walk in his father’s shoes. Although it seems harsh for the people he loves (and most Lucifans!), it is actually the complete opposite. Lucifer once again proves himself to be selfless – with, as usual, Chloe’s encouragement. 

Luckily, the writers are not the evil demons who enjoy torturing us. Lucifans can take a breather. Because it seems time flies when you have a purpose and do what you love in life. Yes, time works differently in Hell. 30-40 years on earth are basically thousands of years down there. A torture? Not really when he spends them doing what he believes in, knowing that the ones he loves are always with him – although not physically, and he does it all for them. Besides, how bad would those years feel compared to being alone, angry, and hopeless for billions of years? Compared to the infinite future?

And at the end of the journey, Chloe’s in this case, a new beginning unfolds. A replay reminiscing the start of their adventure together many years ago might put a smile on your face. What is meant to be together will no longer be apart. And the Deckerstar is once again onboard.

Partners ‘Til the End

Bittersweet, indeed.


P.S.  The Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” is a brilliant choice of song for the show’s ending, perfectly portraying who Lucifer is now (the saviour of the broken, the beaten, and the damned. Duh!) as Chloe is getting her old partner back. 


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